The Nijmegen branch of Polare restarts

Nijmeegse vestiging van Polare maakt doorstart

NIJMEGEN -The branch of Polare, situated in Nijmegen, is definitively making a restart. The bookstore continuous with its old name, Dekker van de Vegt, as it was called before it was a part of Selexyz and Polare.

The store is expected to reopen April 1st. The official opening is expected to be April 5th and 6th. Earlier 150,000 Euro were collected in one week through crowdfunding for a restart of the store in Nijmegen. When Polare went bankrupt store manager Monique Kauffman made plans with former director Hans Peters to reopen the book store as soon as possible. They have bought the store from the bankruptcy inventory of Polare.

P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents mediated on behalf of the tenant Dekker van de Vegt for a rental agreement of about 1.400 m² of retail space situated on the Marikenstraat in Nijmegen.