Scheltema rents on Rokin Amsterdam

Scheltema huurt op Rokin Amsterdam

Bookstore Scheltema will move in the first half of 2015 to the Rokin after being on the Koningsplein for 30 years. The new location will be Rokin 9-15, near the exit of the future Noord-Zuidlijn.

The bookstore has signed the contract today, with investor the Emmes Group, who will own the building as well. The new Scheltema-building on the Rokin 9-15 named ‘de Roos’ (after the art dealer and auction house C.F. Roos & Co v that was located there), is right next to the future Marks & Spencer on the corner of the Rokin and the Nes. The Rokin is undergoing an extensive renovation at the moment, with as goal to create shopping ‘de rode loper’ . Part of the plan is a wide walking area with trees and terraces.

Harold Zwaal, director of Scheltema: ‘Since being rescued by Novamedia earlier this year Scheltema is on the rise again. Because the rental agreement on the Koningsplein was definitively ending, we had to look for a new place. We will renovate this building from 1911 in a sustainable manner. Beside the largest collection of books in Amsterdam we want to create a place where you can work quietly, read a book or have something to eat and drink. We will also continue to organise events to promote books.’

Scheltema was represented by P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents.

With this move Scheltema returns to the place where it once started. Founder J.H. Scheltema started on the 6th of June 1853 a bookstore on the corner of the Beurssteeg and the Kromelleboogsteeg, what later was called Rokin. Starting 1885 the store was, for a number of years, situated on the Rokin 74-76. Scheltema was, since its founding, part of a number of mergers and takeovers, amongst which Selexyz and Polare. In 2014 Novamedia has given Scheltema a restart.