ROC finds permanent housing on the NDSM-werf

ROC krijgt permanente huisvesting op NDSM-werf

AMSTERDAM – After years of temporary settlement on the NDSM-werf, educational institute ROC Top has signed for larger and permanent housing on NDSM.

Amsterdam Waterfront will start this spring with, amongst others, the realisation of this new educational location of 4,000 m². With this the first social function will be developed on NDSM.

The total development, of which ROC Top is a part, will cover 19,000 m² and is called NieuwDok. On top of the ROC Top 5 floors with a total of 380 student residences with amenities will be realised. ROC Top will move the departments located on the Kaderlyceum/Oslofjordweg and Rode Kruisstraat, to the new location, both were temporary locations.

ROC Top plans to open its new location at the start of the 2016 school year. The agreement was made long term.

The tenant was represented by P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents. Biesterbos is the delegated developer for Amsterdam Waterfront.