Sale & leaseback

The possession of real estate can have pros and cons. In todays market it can be decided to sell an object to a real estate investor to ‘save on housing costs’. The object is immediately rented back for a longer period of time. It offers the entrepreneur the possibility to finance corporate means in advance at low cost. – To purchase new corporate means or liquidise existing. Sale & Leaseback is a form of financing real estate that has grown in popularity greatly.

Furthermore there is the possibility to own an office object, while renting it at the same time. In the current financially uncertain climate money is saved on maintenance. By owning the office this maintenance is managed oneself self and money can be saved.

P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents has also specialized in this field. We advise, accompany and structure the sale and a fitting rental agreement. Because of the strong fiscal character of Sale &Leaseback we use a fiscal specialist. Especially when listed companies want to use this construction. To, for instance, increase share value.

Sale & leaseback    Sale & leaseback