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Integrity, flexibility, service oriented, expertise; things to demand from a specialist in commercial real estate, things to expect from P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents. You will think: characteristics originated from a professional drive and dynamism You will think. And of course: the business, your wishes and needs; our knowhow and reputation. We estimate all elements at exactly the right value so we can handle and operate with care. To handle and operate as carefully as possible.

Another, at least as important factor for P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents is passion. A passion for architecture, urban planning and infrastructure. A drive to succeed, that is fed by sense and affinity for the various aspects of the real estate market. And so we go far, very far. very far. To be alert and inspired, to get the best results in commercial real estate. From the very first orientation to the final viewing. And later in long term support and advising.

Specialised and passionate professionalism in commercial real estate; that is P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents. We say it here, but we’d rather let you see it. And most importantly have you experience it. This also applies to our extensive services package you can find elsewhere on this site.

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Tim Breeman
George van Wettum
Kirsten Bohle
Office manager
Jasper Janssens
Matthijs Zwiers
Jeannine Tuijn
Office manager
Wessel Timmer

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Our services

For over 35 years P van den Bosch Commercial real estate agents has offered custom real estate solutions for every thinkable question in the field of commercial real estate. A partner and a specialist, who combines knowledge with decisiveness.


As specialised professionals we are ready to assist you in buying or selling commercial real estate.


In the area of commercial real estate and rental business, we offer value for many international parties.

Sale & Lease Back

We advise, accompany and structure the sale and a fitting rental agreement.

Renegotiation rental agreement

Acting from- and for the renter with the utmost respect for the renting party.


We analyse and judge the market. We work on commission or proactively contribute possibilities to potentially interested parties.